Vijay Balan

Vijay Balan

i5 Solutions, Singapure

Responsible for an annual sales target (USD$85m in 2016) as the Managing Director of HPE Enterprise Group in the Asian Emerging Markets covering over twelve countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Brunei, Pakistan, Afghanistan, East Timor and Bhutan) in the APAC region. In the last two years that he led that business, HPE grew at an accelerated pace of over 40% + YoY and customers in that region.

Vijay has extensive contacts among the partner and channel ecosystem in these markets and has worked with the management teams of key customers across Telecom, Financial / Banking, Manufacturing houses and Government departments / agencies.

His other roles within HPE were to lead HP’s Client Infrastructure Solutions practice across Asia-Pacific / Japan (APJ) region. Vijay was the Regional Practice Director for the Client Infrastructure Solutions in the APJ region and responsible for both the pursuit and delivery of the solution stacks.
As a well-balanced business savvy (technical) sales professional, with broad-based industry expertise, Vijay possess proven leadership qualities and excellent communication skills, at all levels.
With over 23 years of experience in the information technology industry, he possess strong domain knowledge gained from real (hands-on) implementation experience.

Vijay’s areas of expertise span across both Infrastructure and Applications and include Public / private cloud, SaaS, smart cities, IoT, enterprise solutions, knowledge management,
business intelligence and customer relationship management. With a clear business orientated history and leader in his field, Vijay setup i5 as the founder and president to support customers expand their horizons into emerging markets by offering consulting, business development and Value Added Distribution across a vast eco-system of partners and system integrators.