Dr. Zunaid Kazi

Dr. Zunaid Kazi

Co-Founder & CTO
Infolyx Inc

Dr. Zunaid Kazi is an AI expert and entrepreneur. He has more than 25 years of experience

working in technology leadership roles with both start-ups and large US enterprises, and he has successfully launched enterprise products and solutions both in the US and internationally. Currently, Dr. Kazi is CTO at Infolytx, a company that he co-founded to build solutions to help healthcare and other high-tech industries truly understand and monetize their data using leading-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies.


A graduate of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology where he also taught at the Computer Science and Engineering Department, he earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees in the US. His research involved the intersection of robotics, plan recognition, text mining, and discourse understanding.


Subsequently, he researched natural language processing and text analytics at IBM’s noted TJ Watson Research Labs. While at Watson, Dr. Kazi designed and developed components of an object-oriented framework for text analytics. Part of the work evolved into the UIMA Text-Analytics OSF, which became a core component to IBM’s Watson “Question Answering System” that formed part of the codebase for Watson, the Jeopardy-playing super-computer.


Dr. Kazi held leadership roles in US companies focusing on enterprise solutions powered by AI, text analytics and machine learning. He successfully led global R&D teams and launched multi-million dollar enterprise solutions.


Dr. Kazi’s ongoing research has been recognized in the technology and scientific communities. He has authored articles that have appeared in more than twenty peer-reviewed publications, and he has been awarded several US patents for his work.