Arjun Mishra

Arjun Mishra

CEO & Director
Nabet India

Arjun  Mishra’s  is the Co Founder and Director of Nabet India. A unique innovative organization which has utlised technology for  training and employing  people with visual impairment. His pioneering work in empowering the disabled population of India has captured the imagination of various industry leaders His work has attracted the top 5 Indian MNC’s to partner his employment effort. He has researched and identified  jobs that  is critical to the industry  and those that can be  performed by   visually disabled people through his special  training program. His unique effort has resulted in employment  for hundreds of people in the IT/ ITes sector.

This young dynamic engineer ( 27 ) has developed a  sustainable business model  that is scalable and has a huge social impact. He has developed an eco system where in a tie up with industry, local  rural bodies and  universities, volunteers etc  together  form a formidable  network that completes the cycle.

Moreover he  brings in  technology and modern concepts in  social ventures – a refreshing change from age old vocations  that is attributed to blind/handicapped.  I am confident that he has the potential to bring in long term benefits to  a very large number of people  and change the perception and mindset of the society.

Arjun’s  effort has  been  lauded globally too – he is awarded  Queen’s young  Leader- 2017  and is associate fellow of the Royal  Commonwealth  Society.

I am sure that your university can, through Young Professional  fellows program can bring out the best in him  given the opportunity and training  I wish him all the best in his academic pursuits and endeavors.