Date: 22nd April, 2019 | Venue: Balcony | Time: 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Mode of Session: Seminar
No. of Speakers: 7
Session Brief:

The healthcare systems industry, health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry are some of the prime drivers of the outsourcing market. With the fast-paced world the healthcare institution are normally under heavy pressure with an ever-growing number of patients. With an obligation, both moral and professional, the industry face various challenges while delivering a wide range of services.

Outsourcing for healthcare providers is more than just reducing administrative costs. With innovative service designs, healthcare outsourcing should be able to respond to the constantly increasing demand for better quality and faster service delivery in healthcare. This means expanding the scope of outsourcing beyond the basic and regular front-office services, and into health management and care coordination.

The resulting efficiency drives down costs while areas for improved care are identified in the process, thus avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions. This translates to millions of dollars saved in medical costs. Health-management functions that could benefit from outsourcing include post-discharge follow-up calls, follow-up program enrollment, repeated or scripted services such as processing of prior authorization requests, clinical reviews and post-service clinical claim review. The outsourcing may also extend to surveying, monitoring and counselling as part of preventive care programs that can bring enormous benefits to the insurance industry in reducing health insurance claims and the healthcare industry in focusing on more important service deliveries.

Expected Outcome:

From this session, the audience can expect to get an overview of the different aspects of healthcare ecosystem and its linkage to the outsourcing industry. Discussions from the expert panelists will help opening up new thought lanes for outsourcing innovation in meeting the challenges of future healthcare systems.

As guided by the SDGs, the Universal Health Care (UHC) will target to cover for healthcare expenses widely by 2030. This will definitely require many other players from other industries to step in and take roles in the change. The discussion is focused to have a few broader areas outlined that can be pivotal in preparing and coordinating those stakeholders in making a significant contribution along the way.

Target Audience:

Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology, ICT Division, BPO Companies, BPO Employees, University Students, College Students.

Speaker Details:
Name Designation Ministry/Organization Role
Mr. Zahid Malek Honorable Minister; MP Minsitry of Health & Family Wellfare Chief Guest
Mr. Abdul Muktadir Chairman and Managing Director Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Special Guest
Rashed Mujib Noman Country Director Augmedix Moderator
Mr. Siddique Yousuf CEO SQUARE Hospital Panelist-1
Mr. Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon CEO Doctorola Panelist-2
Mr.Khondoker Abdullah Al Mamun Founder & President CMED Health Panelist-3
Mr. Farrukh Alam Country Director Medtronic Panelist-4
Prof. M Harunur Rashid Chairman Healthcare Information System Limited Panelist-5


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