Career Path to Cyber Security

Md. Azizur Rahman

AppSec Manager, Augmedix

Cybersecurity is an emerging career path nowadays in Bangladesh. There are only two aspects of it visible in the industry one is IT Auditors and the other one is IT Security Experts who do Vulnerability Management & Penetration testing. Some fresh graduates tend to be interested in this cybersecurity career path but there seems to be plenty of confusion on how to go about it. In this article, I will try to articulate how any fresh graduate can draw a career pathway to cybersecurity.

To settle and endure in the Cybersecurity field one must have to be a technically sound, logical thinker and attention to details individual. Apart from that certification is a must. There are plenty of vendors out there who provides industry recognized certifications (tons of them actually). But remember, certifications are only for recognizations that you are certified by someone famous in the industry, you are an expert on something. In real life certificate holders without practical working experience has no value, similarly individual with practical knowledge and expertise has no certifications wouldn’t go far as Cybersecurity industry goes by certain compliance (ISO, PCI DSS, etc.).

So here is the thing, if any fresh graduate wants to consider Cybersecurity as a career path they should go along with the above pictorial representations i.e. spend a few years in an initial role then move along horizontally according to your interest. The key thing to remember that cybersecurity expert doesn’t have to depend on the industry rather there are plenty of opportunities out there to do remote jobs, bug bounty hunting and other freelance marketplaces e.g. Upwork, Freelancer etc.

The demand for cybersecurity experts are growing exponentially (no joke) and supply of quality experts are not that convincing. So cybersecurity could be a great career path those who can grow passion about it.

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