Date: 21st April, 2019 | Venue: Meghna | Time: 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Mode of Session: Seminar

No. of Speakers: 9

Session Brief:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry, over the last 10 years has become the fastest growing knowledge industry in the country by creating over 50,000+ sustainable middle income jobs for our youths. It now generates over US$ 300 million in revenues from both local and international clients, providing all channels of front-end and back-end customer and client services, in most of the industry vertices.

The current industry organic growth is 30% and the addressable market by 2021 will be 100,000 youths employed in our industry. By 2026 the industry will be employing over 250,000 with higher value jobs to ensure strong growth of the services industry and become a global player in the area of medical, legal, scientific, financial, government, etc.

To enable the surge in the growth of the BPO Industry and the significant financial opportunities that it brings to all types investors, the financial sectors should seriously make effort to tailor the right financial product and services for the industry. “Our Assets Go Home to Sleep”.

Appropriate government and policy makers should encourage support to investors and lenders with incentives, to ensure appropriate flow of long term investments to the industry, without which the industry will not be able to flourish as we all expect it to happen.

Expected Outcome:

How the BPO Industry should attract funding from financial institutions or other investors throughout the country to promote diversity and expansion in the industry.

Target Audience:

Bankers, Investment Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Capital Market Investors, Growth Funds, Leasing, Policy Makers, Media, etc.

Speaker Details:
Name Designation Ministry/Organization Role Contact
Mr. Kazi M Aminul Islam Chairman BIDA Chief Guest Mr. Kazi M Aminul Islam
Ms. Hosne Ara Begum Managing Director (Secretary) BHTPA Special Guest 1 Ms. Hosne Ara Begum
Mr. Mamun Rashid Managing Partner PWC, Bangladesh Moderator Mr. Mamun Rashid
Mr. Shameem Ahsan President VCPEAB Panelist-1 Mr. Shameem Ahsan
Dr. Jamal Uddin Director Bangladesh Bank Panelist-2 Dr. Jamal Uddin
Kamrul Hasan Managing Director Matrix Consultant Panelist-3 Kamrul Hasan
Mr. Adnan Imam Co-Founder & Managing Director GENEX Panelist-4 Mr. Adnan Imam
Mr. Shakil Rizvi President Dhaka Broker Association Panelist-5 Mr. Shakil Rizvi
Mr. Shawkat Hossain Managing Director BD Venture Panelist-6 Mr. Shawkat Hossain


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