Date: 15th April, 2018 | Venue: Meghna | Time: 05:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Topics :  Accounting Process Outsourcing: Positioning Bangladesh
Mode of the session :  Panel Discussion
Date :  15th April, 2018
Time :  05:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Venue :  Meghna
Speakers :  10 Persons
 Speaker Details:


Name Role Play Designation Ministry/Organization
Mr. A H M Mostafa Kamal Chief Guest Honorable Minister Ministry of Planning
 Mr. Syed Asif Aziz CPA CGA ACCA Keynote Speaker  Managing Partner A&M Partners
Dr. Krishna Gayen Panelist-1 Additional Secretary (General Service Wing) ICT Division
Ms. Dee Anna Clarke Panelist-2 CFO Fuse Financial Partners USA
Ms. Suraiya Zannath FCA Panelist-3 Lead Financial Management Specialist The World Bank
Mr. A K M Al-Amin Panelist-4 CPO Grameenphone
Mr. Mohammed Salim FCMA Panelist-5 President ICMAB
Mr. Arijit Chakraborti Panelist-6 Partner Technology Consulting
Maruf Syed Al Mahmood Panelist-7 Controller Augmedix
Md. Fazlul Hoque Panelist-8 Managing Director & CEO NOBLE IT SOLUTION LTD

Seminar Brief

Organizations, these days, not only look for cost-effective solutions to systematically run non-core activities like accounting and payroll services, but also expect to add value in order to achieve better control and understanding of cash flow and thereby make informed decisions. In spite of being considered as non-core, accounting services form an integral part of an organization’s operational capabilities and systematic functioning. Therefore, outsourced accounting and payroll processing services definitely help streamline core business operations of an organization. In this session, the concentration will be on the Scopes, Opportunities and Challenges of Accounting Process Outsourcing in current situation of Bangladesh. From this session, the audience and participants will get a complete idea about Accounting Process Outsourcing in Bangladesh. How to overcome the transactional challenges in this sector in present situation of Bangladesh will also be discovered.